WE ARE standard

It is our faith, attitude, actions & character that set the standard for others to follow. We value trust in each other & that of our guests. We never sacrifice quality or integrity. We energetically strive to raise the standard of excellence in every area we endeavour. We are satisfied only with the very best people, products, service, environment & financial stewardship.


To be the best Texas-Mex Restaurant in the world, our goal is to serve the most consistent, fresh, and creative food & beverages at a good
value. We will treat each guest as we would a good friend or family member in a fun, inviting, & unique environment that is clean and safe.!



We seek people with a great attitude and integrity, energetic team players that are quality-focused, creative problem-solvers who have a desire to serve others. We treat each other with respect and dignity, knowing no job is more important than the person who performs it. We value training, self-improvement, and continuing education. We welcome change when it sets a higher standard and improves quality for our team members or our guests. We choose excellence over ease in the decisions we make. We are the best trained, most professional, most admired and well compensated in the hospitality industry. We also enjoy the highest possible quality of life in our industry.


We never sacrifice our product quality for volume or cost! We choose the finest ingredients, combined in the best-tasting, most- creative way using precise methods. Weconsistently serve these recipes at their freshest, optimum temperature in a timely manner; producing the finest product available every time.


We strive to know each of our guests and treat them as we would the most important people in our lives. Each of us is empowered to ensure that every guest's experience is outstanding so they will be excited to tell everyone about the quality of what we do.


We create a unique, fun place we are proud to call home and invite others to relax and enjoy. Our special place which is clean, organized, and safe, is marked by our attention to every detail.


We know financial reward is the result of our actions, people, character, faith, integrity, and stewardship...not the reason for them. We meet our obligation to each other, our creditors, investors, and partners in a manner that exceeds their expectations. We never sacrifice our integrity or morals for financial gain. We believe financial compensation should be earned and in proportion to contribution, risk, responsibility, effort, and performance.